C.A.M.S. Southern California’s Affordable Mediation Services

Award Winning Mediators

Welcome to the California Arbitration and Mediation Services (C.A.M.S.) website. C.A.M.S. offers affordable, efficient conflict resolution services throughout Southern California. C.A.M.S. is the perfect alternative to any other form of ADR or litigation. C.A.M.S. is a team of independent Conflict Resolution Professionals (sometimes known as ADR specialists) dedicated to dispute resolution. The C.A.M.S. team is comprised of trial lawyers experienced in most areas of Civil and Family law.

More than 95% of all cases filed in the California courts are resolved at some point in time before they go to trial. Research indicates that the earlier the parties are able to resolve their dispute the more satisfied they are with the outcome. Additionally, the earlier a dispute is resolved, the less expensive the dispute will become meaning that the parties will be able to keep more of their own assets (money) for themselves instead of spending it on an extremely inefficient and costly court/litigation system.