Charles (Chas) Schoemaker, Jr.

Lawyer, Mediator & Arbitrator

C.A.M.S. is proud of the panel of Independent Dispute Resolution Professionals who identify with C.A.M.S. including the truly fine civil mediator and arbitrator, Charles (Chas) Schoemaker.

Charles (Chas) Schoemaker is a retired trial civil trial attorney and A.B.O.T.A. member.  Chas spent most of his career in the courts of Los Angeles county where he enjoyed remarkable success.  Several years ago, Chas trained as a mediator and provided mediation services in a wide variety of civil cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court. When Chas retired from the practice of law a few years ago, he relocated into the Inland Empire.  Chas is now on the Riverside Superior Court mediation panel from which he received an award for excellence in mediation for 2015.  C.A.M.S. is very proud that Chas has joined its panel of mediators and arbitrators.

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